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“Kelly introduces fierce, lovable heroine Sam Quinn with this master class in storytelling and survival.”
~ Publishers Weekly, starred review

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The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore & Bar

Welcome to The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd in charge. I run my business by one simple rule:

Everyone needs a good book and a stiff drink, be they vampire, wicche, demon, or fae. No wolves, though. Ever. I have my reasons.

​I serve the supernatural community of San Francisco. We’ve been having some problems lately. Okay, I’m the one with the problems. The broken body of a female werewolf washed up on my doorstep. What makes sweat pool at the base of my spine, though, is realizing the scars she bears are identical to the ones I conceal. After hiding for years, I’ve been found.

A protection I’ve been relying on is gone. While my wolf traits are strengthening steadily, the loss also left my mind vulnerable to attack. Someone is ensnaring me in horrifying visions intended to kill. Clive, the sexy vampire Master of the City, has figured out how to pull me out, designating himself a personal bodyguard. He’s grumpy about it, but that kiss is telling a different story. A change is taking place. It has to. The bookish bartender must become the fledgling badass.

I’m a survivor. I’ll fight fang and claw to protect myself and the ones I love. And let’s face it, they have it coming.

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The Dead Don't Drink at Lafitte's

I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. Things have been busy lately.

While the near-constant attempts on my life have ceased, I now have a vampire gentleman caller. I’ve been living with Clive and the rest of his vampires for a few weeks while the Slaughtered Lamb is being rebuilt. It’s going about as well as you’d expect.

My mother was a wicche, and long-dormant abilities are starting to make themselves known. If I’d had a choice, necromancy wouldn’t have been my top pick, but it’s starting to come in handy. A ghost warns me someone is coming to kill Clive. When I rushed back to the nocturne,​ I found vamps from New Orleans readying an attack. One of the benefits of vampires looking down on werewolves is no one expects much of me. They don’t expect it, right up until I take their heads.

Now, Clive and I are setting out for New Orleans to take the fight back to the source. Vampires are masters of the long game. Revenge plots are often decades, if not centuries, in the making. We came expecting one enemy, but quickly learned we had darker forces scheming against us. Good thing I’m the secret weapon they never see coming.

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The Wicche Glass Tavern

I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. Clive, my vampire gentleman caller, has asked me to marry him. His nocturne is less than celebratory.

Unfortunately, for them and the sexy vamp doing her best to seduce him, his cold, dead heart beats only for me.

As much as my love life feels like a minefield, it has to take a backseat to a far more pressing problem. The time has come. I need to deal with my aunt, the woman who’s been trying to kill me for as long as I can remember. She’s learned a new trick. She's figured out how to weaponize my friends against me. To have any hope of surviving, I have to learn to use my necromantic gifts. I need a teacher. We find one hiding among the fae, which is a completely different problem. I need to determine what I’m capable of in a hurry because my aunt doesn’t care how many are hurt or killed as long as she gets what she wants. Sadly for me, what she wants is my name on a headstone.

​​I’m gathering my friends—werewolves, vampires, wicches, gorgons, a Fury, a half-demon, an elf, and a couple of dragon shifters—into a kind of Fellowship of the Sam. It’s going to be one hell of a battle. Hopefully, San Francisco will still be standing when the dust clears.

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The Hob & Hound Pub

I’m Sam Quinn, the newly married werewolf book nerd owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. Clive and I are on our honeymoon.

Paris is lovely, though the mummy in the Louvre inching toward me is a bit off-putting. Although Clive doesn’t sense anything, I can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched.

Even after we cross the English Channel to begin our search for Aldith—the woman who’s been plotting against Clive since the beginning—the prickling unease persists. Clive and I are separated rather forcefully, and I’m left to find my way alone in a foreign country, evading not only Aldith’s large web of Hench vamps but vicious fae creatures disloyal to their queen. Gloriana says there’s a poison in the human realm that’s seeping into Faerie, and I may have found the source.

I knew this was going to be a working vacation, but battling vampires on one front and the fae on another is a lot, especially in a country steeped in magic. As a side note, I need to get word to Benvair. I think I’ve found the dragon she’s looking for.

Gloriana is threatening to set her warriors against the human realm, but I may have a way to placate her. Aldith is a different story. There’s no reason with rabid vengeance. She’ll need to be put out of our misery permanently if Clive and I have any hope of a long, happy life together. Heck, I’d settle for a few quiet weeks.

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All I Want for Christmas Is a Dragon: A story in the world of Sam Quinn

Welcome back to The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore & Bar. You’re probably looking for Sam, werewolf, book nerd, and seer of ghosts. She’s great but off with her new husband in England, hunting down that nutter who’s been stalking Clive since the Middle Ages.

With Sam away, it’s my time to shine. Somebody hand me a mic and hit me with a blue spot. Kidding. We’ve met before but let me formally introduce myself. I’m Owen Wong, Sam’s right-hand man and head wicche in charge. George, my gorgeous dragon-shifter boyfriend, and I are planning a nice, calm, battle-free Christmas. Granted, George’s family doesn’t seem too excited about our relationship, but I doubt they’d actually attack me. All bets are off, though, on his grandmother, the matriarch of the dragon clan. I’m pretty sure the only thing she wants for Christmas is me gone.

I have to admit, I’m a little worried. George has been distant lately and he says we need to talk. I know what ‘need to talk’ means and I’m not having it. He says he needs to explain something about his childhood, about his family. He looks so damn sad, he’s breaking my heart. No matter what it is, though, we’re not walking away. Whatever the burden, I’ll help him carry it. We deserve that calm, peaceful holiday and I’m going to fight like hell to see we get it.

***This short story was initially shared in Seana’s newsletter “TALES FROM THE BOOK NERD” for FREE as a holiday treat for subscribers and also later included as a bonus story in the original release of THE HOB AND HOUND PUB, Sam Quinn Book Four.***

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Biergarten of the Damned

I’m Sam, the werewolf book nerd owner of The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore & Bar.

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The Banshee & the Blade: A story in the world of Sam Quinn

Half-demon Dave is searching for his banshee girlfriend Maggie. The two men who knew where she was being held have both died quite horribly.

With information from a certain sea wicche and an priceless weapon from his father, Dave begins a quest to a forgotten castle with far too many secrets.

***This short story was initially shared in Seana’s newsletter “TALES FROM THE BOOK NERD” for FREE as a holiday treat for subscribers.***

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The Viper's Nest Roadhouse & Café

I’m Sam, the werewolf book nerd owner of The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore & Bar. Clive, Fergus, and I are moving into our new home.

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The Bloody Ruin Asylum and Taproom